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What Is Vision?

To succeed in today’s hypercompetitive business world, executives need more than a prestigious degree and industry connections. They need big, bold ideas. In short, they need vision: an ability to see the bigger picture—and how their organization fits within it.

Vision Magazine showcases leaders in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors, giving you an inside look at the strategies and philosophies behind their success. Most trade publications focus on a single industry; Vision covers them all, from food and finance to agriculture and aerospace.

In addition to delving into the nuts and bolts of today’s executive roles—what metrics a CFO has to account for; how diversity and inclusion factor into a COO’s personnel decisions—our stories also highlight the personal journeys behind the jobs. What inspired you to pursue your chosen path? Which experiences best prepared you? How do you view your positions within the broader organization—and the industry as a whole? These are the questions we’re trying to answer.

Since 2017, Vision has profiled leaders and executives at NASA, BAE Systems, Ford, Honeywell, Accenture and Intel, along with hundreds of other organizations. If it’s an critical industry, chances are we’ve written about it.

Rather than being just another executive leadership magazine, we wanted Vision to be a place where business executives encounter new and different ideas. We’ve achieved that. Now we want to share it with you.

Why Vision Business Magazine?

Unlike most magazines, we don’t publish anything until you give us the okay. This isn’t our story; it’s your story—and we’ll do everything in our power to tell it right.

Here’s how the process works. First, one of our experienced content coordinators will reach out to conduct a brief interview, to get a sense of your career accomplishments and how your role fits within the broader organization. We’ll then use that information to create a 150-word abstract highlighting some of the key points of the article. It also gives you a feel for our writing style.

Once you sign off on the abstract, we’ll put you in touch with one of our writers. These aren’t recent J-school grads; these folks have written stories for the New York Times, the Boston Herald, ESPN and Sports Illustrated—just to name a few. After one more 30-minute interview, we’ll have everything we need to write the first draft.

Only when you’re happy with the story—the quotes are accurate; the information is spot-on—will we publish the story. We’ll also need a handful of photos, to create the most eye-catching spread that we can.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • An article on Vision’s website (where it will remain forever);
  • a PDF brochure.
  • In addition, using proven SEO methods, we ensure that your story is one of the first thing that pops up when people google your name and company.

How much does all of this cost? It’s free. To pay for the story, we ask your partners and vendors to take out an advertisement. It’s an opportunity to co-brand and further your professional partnership.

If you or someone you know is interested in being profiled in a digital magazine for business executives, by all means, drop us a line!

For permissions of any Vision content, contact Jason Pafundi.

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My experience with the team at Vision was great. Their professional and courteous staff took every opportunity to make the production of our article a real pleasure. From the initial contact, through the interview and all the way into production, the process was easy and fun. On behalf of the members of Anza Electric, thank you for highlighting what we do here to make rural living and cooperative membership more valuable in our community and across the country.
– Kevin Short, General Manager, Anza Electric Cooperative Inc.


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