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The perfect HR prescription for magazines guiding medical experts

Lindsay Maraviglia | Vice President of Human Resources | Haymarket Media Inc.

Chefs often use particular language to describe their work, especially when conversing with their suppliers, teams or others in their specialty. Vegan or farm-to-table chefs tend to use different terms than steakhouse or barbecue-focused chefs.  

This parallels the approach Haymarket Media Inc. brings to its target audiences, which are highly specialized. Within the spectrum of healthcare alone, readers range from those working in pediatrics and geriatrics to primary care and cancer therapies. While the media company publishes leading titles in public relations and marketing communications, most of its content is geared towards physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.  

Haymarket “isn’t writing for the layman,” so those at the New York City-based digital media publishing company, including Lindsay Maraviglia, use data to identify what clinical topics will click with care providers. Shortly after being hired in January 2018 as the director of human resources, Maraviglia helped the company hire a data analyst, who helps Haymarket build and drive a specific audience across a network of over 20 unique brands. This includes using search engine optimization keywords and article tags to not only draw in readers but also see which articles are resonating best with family doctors, dermatologists, cardiologists and other niche readers in healthcare.   

By July 2021, Maraviglia’s efforts had earned her the title of vice president of human resources. As of January 2023, she has taken the data group of one and built it into a team of 20 data analysts, data engineers and data architects. 

“The future is all about technology and data,” she says. “I’m ensuring that Haymarket continues heading in that direction, so we can provide our audiences with the best and highly focused content to serve their needs.”   

Digitally penning the perfect titles  

Maraviglia also manages talent acquisition and compensation strategies. She says creating a title and writing a job description involves several steps, including clearly listing qualifications required, such as degrees, skills and years of experience.  

She must also adhere to state requirements regarding job postings. For instance, the vice president of data and analytics position is in New York, which recently enacted a salary transparency law requiring employers to clearly list the pay range of available positions.  

Lindsay Maraviglia | Vice President of Human Resources | Haymarket Media Inc.

Using market research, she also puts together packages that have competitive salaries and benefits like insurance, paid time off and ongoing training for career advancement. 

“Being specific with the qualifications and developing descriptive job titles based on the current market is how we’re working to gain greater visibility as well as bring in—and retain—the best talent out there,” she says. “Honestly, the job market is insane out there given the competition amongst employers for the same pool of talent.” 

As Maraviglia explains, Haymarket is family owned, so it doesn’t have the private equity or capital funding that allows other organizations to pay market-topping salaries. Yet, she’s proud that Haymarket is providing salaries commensurate with the job descriptions and requirements.  

Lindsay Maraviglia | Vice President of Human Resources | Haymarket Media Inc.

“We try our hardest to fight for the best people,” she says. “We’re also quite creative and try our best to be collaborative—pulling in the executive leadership—in making decisions on growing and developing talent within company.” 

As a result, she says Haymarket Media Inc. U.S. now has a diverse, talented and driven group of over 400 professionals. 

“My goal—as well as that of my team and the leadership at Haymarket—is to continue being the employer of choice,” Maraviglia says.   

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! 

Maraviglia and senior leadership also had to be innovative and purposeful with the return to in-office work. In September 2021, returning to the office became voluntary, but in April 2022, she asked people to come in one day a week. 

Starting last fall, most office-based employees have been required to come in on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, designated as “Company Days.” Those who had been hired as remote employees during quarantine are allowed to remain remote.  

“We value dynamic, collaborative in-person work as that allows for relationship building and sharing positive energy—and not just checking tasks off a list,” Maraviglia says. 

Lindsay Maraviglia | Vice President of Human Resources | Haymarket Media Inc.

She’s been building this philosophy since working on her bachelor’s in psychology at Villanova University. She continued developing her focus on human resources as she became the HR coordinator for Fox News Channel in 2007, the year she graduated. While at Fox for seven years, she also obtained her master’s degree in human resources development from Villanova University.  

After working briefly as the human resources manager at an investment management firm, she joined Haymarket in January 2018. She says she took the role because of the trust and confidence the chief executive and chief financial officer displayed in her. 

“I’ve never really thought about doing anything other than human resources. It’s a very satisfying endeavor to help employers and employees feel productive and impactful as they both work toward their goals,” Maraviglia says. “As we continue developing and integrating more technology at Haymarket, I’m excited for the new roles that will open up and the wonderful new people who will become a part of our digital publishing family.”  

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