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Salvador Ochoa – Toyota de Mexico

Est. reading time: 4 mins

It’s a competitive automotive industry in Mexico. Employee turnover has been around 13 percent, with Chinese companies among the latest trying to seize a share by, among other means, wooing their competitors’ workers with attractive offers. But at Toyota de Mexico, Salvador Ochoa is proud to say the workforce stays relatively steady, with only around […]

Cesar Palacios – Inkia Energy

Est. reading time: 4 mins

Over the course of a long career in human resources, Cesar Palacios has become a believer. After working for companies like Warner Lambert, Pfizer, Cadbury, Gloria and, at present, Inkia Energy, he’s a bit of an evangelist for the key role HR plays as a partner to the business. “Why I consider that crucial is […]

David Reyes – LATAM Airlines Group

Est. reading time: 5 mins

As far as David Reyes is concerned, the most important part of an aircraft isn’t its wings, cabin or even engines—it’s the people behind the scenes: the pilots, flight attendants and the hundreds of others ensuring the aviation experience is smooth for passengers. Reyes has been piloting the human resources end of aviation companies for […]

Fausto Alfonso Yáñez Siller – British American Tobacco

Est. reading time: 4 mins

There being a nine-hour difference in the time zones of Mexico and Qatar, it made for inconvenient viewing for some of the most avid followers of the recent FIFA World Cup. During other years, many of the workers at British American Tobacco’s operations in Mexico would have gathered in cantinas or private homes to watch […]

Carlos Aritzmendi – BIC

Est. reading time: 4 mins

His work in finance has taken him around the globe for some of the world’s biggest companies. Now, Carlos Aritzmendi is moving again, this time back to Europe, where he’ll be the managing director for BIC’s global business center in Bulgaria. “I have always been open to new opportunities, and I’m a person who seeks […]

Daniel Malpica – L’Oréal

Est. reading time: 4 mins

Daniel Malpica was inclined to study civil engineering in college. Beer changed his mind. On a school trip before college, he visited a brewery and was so intrigued by the supply chain that he decided to study industrial engineering at Universidad La Salle in Mexico City. That set the foundation for a 20-year career guiding […]

Marco Vasquez – Pernod Ricard

Est. reading time: 4 mins

In arid, sandy soil 5,000 feet high on the fields, hillsides and mountains of Mexico—and nowhere else in the world—grows a special plant: The Blue Agave. Out of nearly 300 variations, this one is used to produce tequila. Growing taller than seven feet, it takes nearly a decade to mature before it can be harvested […]

Maria Luisa Marcano – Ricardo Perez

Est. reading time: 4 mins

While the COVID-19 pandemic slowed down the world, it helped accelerate the digital and cultural transformation at Ricardo Perez, S.A., an automotive distributor and dealer based in Central America. According to Maria Luisa Marcano, since 2014, the company has been reinventing how it interacts with its customers—and its employees. The pandemic simply accelerated the process; […]

Ricardo Gonzalez – Del Monte Fresh Produce

Est. reading time: 4 mins

Opened in 1985, Cerrejón is an active open-pit coal mine in Colombia valued at nearly $3 billion as of 2021. Despite its importance to the Colombian economy, Ricardo Gonzalez’s concern when he began working there was the employees and the surrounding community. As part of the mine’s environment, health and industrial safety division, Gonzalez focused […]

Santiago Noriega – Spectrum Brands

Est. reading time: 5 mins

For a company to grow even a little during the COVID-19 economic slump is an accomplishment. A company growing over 20 percent calls for a closer look. So, turn the lens to a home-essentials company headquartered in Middleton, Wisconsin. According to Santiago Noriega, Spectrum Brands exceeded sales expectations when its 2021 fiscal year ended in […]


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