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Eric Perreault & Katherine Podolas – GardaWorld

Est. reading time: 5 mins

When a company commits to raising the industry bar, change is often incremental, requiring patience and tenacity. So it goes for security solutions visionary GardaWorld, the Canada-headquartered global firm responsible for the protection of people, property and assets across a wide range of environments. Security services are designed to mitigate risk, and hospital environments are […]

Emma Horgan – Questrade Financial Group

Est. reading time: 4 mins

When Emma Horgan joined Questrade Financial Group in February 2017, remote work and hybrid schedules weren’t a part of the fintech’s vernacular, let alone its operations. However, Horgan, the chief people officer, says the COVID-19 pandemic is one of the factors that’s changed how the fintech operates—and solutions put in place, such as remote and […]

Lorinda Lee – Oak Valley Health

Est. reading time: 5 mins

When it comes to addressing the prevailing shortage of doctors and nurses, Lorinda Lee likes to think systemically. Her home province of Ontario has the lowest number of nurses per capita in all of Canada (and registers only 2.32 doctors per 1,000 people), so she’s worried about the bigger picture. As chief human resources officer […]

Sharon Forster – S.i. Systems

Est. reading time: 4 mins

Once upon a time, Sharon Forster was headed for a graduate law degree in Canada. Then she went on a ski trip with friends near Calgary, Alberta. While her friends went home when the trip was over, Forster “called my parents in Ontario and said, ‘send my stuff.’” They did and Forster—who’d just earned a […]

Steve Camacho – Toronto Catholic District School Board

Est. reading time: 4 mins

In Fall 2020, the Ontario province government mandated that the Toronto Catholic District School Board offer virtual learning to over 100,000 students in over 200 schools. With a quarter of the students enrolling, the resulting St. Anne Virtual Academy would cater to 18,000 elementary school students and over 7,000 high school students. By comparison, the […]

Steve Kelly – PFC Flexible Circuits Limited and OSI Systems

Est. reading time: 4 mins

It’s got to be among, if not the, most patient-friendly innovation of recent times—the medical wearable, made from a thin, lightweight flexible electrical circuit. Non-invasive, painless and easy to use, the small wired device is applied like a bandage to the skin and measures such functions as blood pressure, brain activity, heart rate, pulse and […]

Max Santos – MAXX North America Group Inc.

Est. reading time: 3 mins

They can take down 5,000-pound, 20-foot-long solid concrete railings—all in one piece. And that could be on a building as high as 37 stories. “We’re the only ones on the market that can do it,” says Max Santos, founder and president of Ontario-headquartered MAXX North America Group Inc. This is because the company uses two […]

Jim Campbell – Adventec Manufacturing Inc.

Est. reading time: 6 mins

The path to progress can be overlooked by disproportionate attention on something else, necessary as it might be. Case in point, says Jim Campbell: the internal combustion engine. It’s been powering what used to be called the horseless carriage since the latter part of the 19th century and getting more efficient all the time. But […]

Anthony Bondi – Leonard Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Ltd.

Est. reading time: 4 mins

Be it fresh or processed, whole or cut, organic or conventional, specialty or staple, produce brings out the passion in Anthony Bondi. It’s tasty, healthy and the source of what’s been a fulfilling livelihood for nearly three decades. “It’s in the blood, this enthusiasm for produce—might have something to do with my Sicilian ancestry,” exclaims […]

Fine Choice Foods Ltd.

Est. reading time: 4 mins

In many cities, they’re as ubiquitous a menu item as burgers or buffalo wings. Stuffed with chicken, pork or vegetables, steamed and pan-fried to crispy-brown perfection, pot stickers have become a bite-sized bellwether for North America’s growing love of Asian cuisine. Fine Choice Foods has played an outsized role in helping spur this trend since […]


My experience with the team at Vision was great. Their professional and courteous staff took every opportunity to make the production of our article a real pleasure. From the initial contact, through the interview and all the way into production, the process was easy and fun. On behalf of the members of Anza Electric, thank you for highlighting what we do here to make rural living and cooperative membership more valuable in our community and across the country.
– Kevin Short, General Manager, Anza Electric Cooperative Inc.


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