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Karen Feeney – KenCrest

Est. reading time: 5 mins

It all started with a book club. As Karen Feeney tells it, she and her colleagues were just discussing “Turn the Ship Around” by David Marquet, who served as captain of the USS Santa Fe, the worst-performing ship in its fleet until Marquet took over and made some changes—chief among them a shift to what […]

Maggie Wong – Empire Office

Est. reading time: 4 mins

For 77 years, ever since the first desk was delivered to a Wall Street firm, Empire Office has helped its customers create workplaces—and brands and company cultures. Maggie Wong says she didn’t know how intricate the industry was when she was recruited to join the company in 2022 as vice president for human resources and […]

Lynn Doonan – Tenerity

Est. reading time: 5 mins

Lynn Doonan is nothing if not adaptive. As senior vice president of human resources at Tenerity, she’s been helping over 1,000 employees in more than a dozen countries adjust to the post-pandemic “new normal.” “I don’t think the days of people going to an office 9-to-5, Monday to Friday, are ever going to return,” Doonan […]

Waleed Mahmood – Digitas Health

Est. reading time: 4 mins

Waleed Mahmood is something of a matchmaker. With 15 years of experience in human resources, he scrutinizes people’s skills and talents to place them in roles they not only love but that will help them advance their careers. However, finding the perfect match for a particular position means he must often veer off the beaten […]

Mary Choi Kelly – Inline Plastics

Est. reading time: 4 mins

In 2020, when companies across the world were shutting down or downsizing, Inline Plastics was ramping up operations. As a manufacturing company in the food packaging industry, it was considered an essential business, so its plants in Connecticut, Utah and Georgia never hit the off switch. Inline Plastics provides plastic containers to a variety of […]

Laura Pingatore – M&T Bank

Est. reading time: 5 mins

It’s been a challenging year for the banking industry: In early March, the Federal Reserve’s total lending to banks was just under $5 billion, but by March 29, it had shot up to $332.7 billion. On March 17, the Wall Street Journal reported that economists had found 186 banks with similar risks to those of […]

Kelly Timpane – Precision Medicine Group

Est. reading time: 4 mins

It can take 10 years and more than $1 billion to develop a new drug or therapy from R&D through clinical trials and get approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to sell it—which, it goes without saying, is hardly a given. The process after getting the green light from the FDA, including pricing […]

Sarah Khu – CAPREIT

Est. reading time: 4 mins

CAPREIT encapsulates its outlook and mission in three words: integrity, relationships and results. Relationships with renters are essential for the real estate company that owns and operates apartment communities throughout the nation. Relationships are equally important to its senior vice president of human resources, Sarah Khu, who joined the company in October 2016 with 15 […]

Lindsay Maraviglia – Haymarket Media Inc.

Est. reading time: 4 mins

Chefs often use particular language to describe their work, especially when conversing with their suppliers, teams or others in their specialty. Vegan or farm-to-table chefs tend to use different terms than steakhouse or barbecue-focused chefs.   This parallels the approach Haymarket Media Inc. brings to its target audiences, which are highly specialized. Within the spectrum of […]

Robert Gabel – Shepley Bulfinch

Est. reading time: 5 mins

After a lengthy career in senior management, what’s a restless businessperson to do if the rocking chair doesn’t seem so inviting? Robert Gabel chooses to stay fresh on a board of directors.  The spry 60-something has been doing so for over a year as one of three new people on Shepley Bulfinch’s revamped seven-member board. […]


My experience with the team at Vision was great. Their professional and courteous staff took every opportunity to make the production of our article a real pleasure. From the initial contact, through the interview and all the way into production, the process was easy and fun. On behalf of the members of Anza Electric, thank you for highlighting what we do here to make rural living and cooperative membership more valuable in our community and across the country.
– Kevin Short, General Manager, Anza Electric Cooperative Inc.


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